Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Nun Next Door

I was late getting up--7:30--and didn't get to Kimball until after 8:00. My friend, Nancy, had sent an e-mail and I called her after breakfast. We had a long talk; I'm afraid Nance is again experience great fatigue and for some damn reason, either her doctor or her insurance company doesn't seem to want her to get her infusions until her blood levels are worse. Too bad. She said she'd try to get to the widder lunch on Monday and the BCNN breakfast on Wednesday.
Went out to the patio to water my ficus and noticed that neighbor Suzanne, the Sister of Mercy, was sitting on hers. We chatted for some time and I was interested to know she's participating in a health fair in a few weeks at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. This is aimed mostly toward those without insurance, the homeless, and undocumented persons. I mentioned in passing that my t.v. doesn't work; just comes up with a message. After we talked over our patio walls, she rang my bell and come in to say she'd be happy to look at the television. I gave her the remotes, she fussed around with this and that, and darned if she didn't get it working. Nice of her and I hope to see more of her.
I continued to move small pieces of furniture and other items around. Not sure if I'm satisfied with it, but we'll see.
Sailboat Sue called to give me the bad news that yes, Mac officially has Alzheimer's. The examining doctor said it was advancing rapidly and Sue is just beside herself with worry. They have few friends here and she asked if I'd call her more often. She said she worried about calling me, because I might be busy. In fact, lately, I haven't be doing much socially at all, but I'll definitely get back to Sue frequently. I suggested a support group and she asked me to look into that. I looked up and called the Alzheimer's Society, which for Ventura County is based in Thousand Oaks. They're closed until Monday and I'll call back then.
I called El to see if I could have her do a few little things for me today. She said Greg was off and she and he will come over with the antique bureau I Indian-giver "gave" them. I'll give them the newer white high boy, instead. It wasn't until 5 pm that I took my clothes to the laundry building (just down the walk) and quickly washed and dried.

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