Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lots Done

Walked Kimball, but first stopped at Quest at 7:30 to tell them I wouldn't keep my 8:30 appointment. I'll call for another shortly.
After breakfast, I put all my clothes that don't go on hangers on my bed. I'm delighted that I now have enough room--what with the antique dresser and the white highboy--to put like things neatly away. I was even able to separate long-sleeved tops from short, use a whole drawer for pool items, and put socks and underwear in two different drawers. Wonder of wonders, I have a drawer left over--empty! Straightened up the whole place and consolidated a lot of other stuff.
Spent several hours on my new play. Just before going to sleep, I thought of a good ending, and added it. Also revised some, and honed a bit--will continue that, but the essence is done. Think I'll submit it to the Santa Paula Playhouse when it's finished--and any place else I can think of--nothing ventured, nothing staged, after all.
Took my little blue gem to Five Points and got her washed, then stopped a few different places for supplies. Had a pulled-together dinner of mostly leftovers. Called Doris and she filled me in on various upcoming activities, prominently including several on medical insurance. I'm interested in lowering my premiums, as long as I can essentially keep the particulars I have now.

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