Thursday, October 27, 2016

Looking Up

Well, things are looking up--a little.
Made myself walk Kimball. After breakfast, I tried doing the phone thing. Had to unhook the printer because it rests on a three-drawer chest and all the myriad wires are behind it. It was a great chore to unhook the phone wires, but I finally did it. Inserted the correct wire into the jack and the other into the wall plug, and--
NOTHING! It still says "check tel line," so I give up. Called Betty to gnash my teeth about it and we had a long talk. She has similar problems, though not with the phone. Also, she said she thinks she does remember me giving the flash drive to her and will look for it.
Anyway, after talking to my sis, I felt better. Went to Bed, Bath & Prices Beyond Belief, and got a kind of rack for the bath sink. Went elsewhere and got a sponge mop. (I have a Swiffer, but I don't want to clean the floor too often with whatever chemical is on it; I think it attracts dust and dirt). Picked up a few other things, then went to the office. Told Manager Patti about the phone and asked if I could eventually switch to AT & T for Internet and television. Happily, it seems I can. Also, Patti surprised me by saying they'd fix or replace the door in the hall that doesn't close properly. Ha--little does she know I was going to drop the whole thing as not worth worrying about, but hey, I'll take it. Patti also said she'd send Bob over to look at the phone.
Went from there to the library. Took Bill Bryson's excellent autobiography CD back and got one about a man who had a lobotomy in 1953. Now he doesn't remember anything and repeats himself constantly. Hey, I know I lot of people like that!

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