Monday, October 31, 2016

Nothing Much

I didn't walk because of the rain. Didn't want to let myself off the hook entirely, though, so I drove to the mall and went through Target at length. By the time I got home, it was just drizzling--in fact, most of the rain was drizzle.
After breakfast, I spent a lot of time on various Internet cleanups and so on. Wrote an e-mail to Andrea, director of the Healthware place at the hospital. She's the one who takes BP and pulse at Kimball and had invited me to submit a proposal. I had a horrendous time trying to attach the FELS blurb, citing my acting class at Stockton State; I finally did it, but I was frustrated for what seemed hours. Before Microsoft added the horrible new "improvements," it was simple, damn it. I'll send the same, just slightly modified to Marsha Meyer, at SCAN. Actually, I spent too much time on the computer, which I try not to do, as a rule.
Later, I drove back to Target to get some pretty ceramic pots I had seen. These are aqua and pick up one of the colors in my throw pillows. I need a few other things, but will get them today.
Cooked up meatballs and sauce and had it over rotini for dinner. Good, but these were frozen bought meatballs, not nearly as good as I make from scratch, but okay in a pinch.
Set up my pills for the next seven weeks. That's how many segmented pill holders I have and I don't like to be bothered with doing it very often. I must call Humana today to order more.


iloveac said...

What a great idea? Why didn't I think of doing the same. I, too, find filling my pill box (with dividers) every week is a pain. It comes around too soon. Now, I will purchase extra pill holders thanks to Heloise Molloy.

Mimi said...

Glad to be of service, Senora.