Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Widder Lunch and Stuff

That was easy.
My doctor's appointment, that is. As I used to do at home, I went early--8:40--and didn't have to wait more than five minutes. Dr. Dyer looked at my moles and pronounced them all durmnofinatiateslymbanic types (well, I don't know what he said), but none are to worry about. I was home by 9:15, so good.
Went to the widder lunch at noon and was greeted with hugs and "we missed you" from several. I usually always attend, but hadn't done so the last lunch and dinner because of moving; it was nice to know they were glad to see me. I sat next to Gayle, who's starting to grow on me (but not by much). She was very vocal about her daughter, who's in jail in San Diego (drugs), plus all kinds of other details about her life. One wonders how some people can spout off about their intimate problems to relative strangers. Seems odd, but maybe it's healthier than being too reticent--who knows?
Chuck was there--along with the damn dog, of course--but Pam wasn't. I'm wondering whether that marriage made in fundamentalism is foundering; on Chuck's Facebook page, he has simply "widowed." Hmm...
Anyway, the lunch was fun. Nancy didn't make it after all (she e-mailed me that they were pouring concrete at her son's place and she had to keep Marley's little paws out of it), but my friend, Joyce, was there. She said she's moving to Denver where her children live, but not until after the first of the year; she put a deposit on an apartment for May.
I chatted with a relative newcomer named Susan and the talk turned to hair. She recommended Super Cuts, which is in the shopping center near me. I went there on impulse after I had gone home and changed and darned if I didn't get a nice bob.
I decided to keep my high boy bureau after all and was able to wrestle it into my closet by transferring my suitcase to the broom closet. What a luxury to be able to move things around like that!
Got my tickets for New Mexico and am preparing for that trip.

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