Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What a world, what a world...

A lousy, rotten day...
I skipped Kimball--but that wasn't why it was l, r--I skipped because I was meeting Carole F. and Doris T. at 10:00 at Mimi's Restaurant for a medical insurance seminar. I did, but before that:
About 7:30, the phone rang. It was Carole W. C., quite agitated. When I had visited her at Dana Point, she had given me a flash drive to give Betty, as I was going to see her at Carolyn's shortly. She had said it contained a lot of old pictures and possibly videos of Betty, Wes, and so on. She hadn't heard from Betty about it and was worried it somehow hadn't gotten to her. I know I did give it to her; in fact, I remember realizing how much they would mean to Betty and how long Carole had worked on them and resolved to hand them to Betty as soon as I saw her. When I did, I think I said something like "Carole asked me to give this to you" or something similar. That was when Mike and the two girls were there, as well as Carolyn's family of four, Ellen, and me, so there was quite a bit of hubbub. I remember that most of them went for a walk and Betty and I stayed in, talking.
I called Betty and she said she didn't quite remember, just wasn't sure I had given them to her. She repeated, "it was chaos," I guess meaning so many people there, plus she had recently had a colonoscopy and had to go to the hospital later. I called Carolyn and she didn't remember ever seeing it, naturally, because she had been out when I gave them to Betty. Both said they'd look for it.
This upset me a lot. I went to the seminar, but then had to stay in to wait for the one telephone guy to cut the service and he didn't get here until about 2:30. I drove to Ellen's school (classes were over, but I knew she stayed to prepare for the next day) and talked the missing flash drive situation over with her; felt better when I left. Later talked to someone else and also felt better. The book The Four Agreements was mentioned and after we hung up, I jumped in the car, drove to the library, and took it out.
I had been told A.T. & T would switch on their service by 6:00 pm. They didn't. Called and was on the phone for THIRTY-EIGHT MINUTES, talking to recordings and people, who weren't much better than recordings. Upshot was they promised to have it on by noon today. In the meantime, I have only my cheapie Tracfone.
What a world, what a world--.

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