Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Full Day

When I went out to walk Kimball at 8:00, I was surprised to see the pavement was wet. Yes, it had rained overnight (I didn't hear it, as I sleep like a stone) for the first time in five months. An hour later, it was dry, but that was quite a thrill.
Called Betty and we talked. Called niece Carolyn and we did the same. Talked to my pal, Nancy. Said she couldn't decide whether to go to dinner with the widder group last night or not. She lives in Oak View, and has to drive quite a way and it will be dark by the time we finish. As it turned out, she didn't get there and I can understand why. We had a good talk and she suggested lunch tomorrow. Best idea I heard all day and we'll meet at the Black Angus, then I'll bring her over to see my new digs.
I changed the bed clothes and did two loads of wash; that took up the early part of the day. Left a message for Suzanne (I keep wanting to call her "Sister Suzanne," but she introduced herself with just her first name, so I won't) to thank her for watering my ficus. She knocked on my door shortly after and stopped in to chat for a bit. She had been at a conference (for Sisters of Mercy) in Arizona on Saturday and had stayed over on Sunday to visit with her brother and his family, who live in Phoenix.
Went to the doctor's office to get the paperwork for my blood test, for which I was to have this morning, but was told I shouldn't get it until after the 26th. I'm not even sure why, but went to Quest to cancel, but it was after 3:00 and they were closed. It's a pain getting in touch with them, so I think I'll stop in after my walk to tell them I have to change the date.
Went to dinner with the widder gang. Full house last night, with all the regulars and some new people, including a mother and daughter duo from Santa Paula. It was a very enjoyable evening with a group I especially like.

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