Sunday, October 23, 2016

Here And There

Virtuous Mimi took over and walked Kimball. When I got home, I called what should have been my new number. My phone didn't ring. Called the old number and it did. Went to the AT & T store in town and--well, it took about an hour and they still aren't switched; I just don't want to go into the ins and outs. Upshot was that they should be tomorrow after the other carrier bows out. I sent out an e-mail to various and sundry to tell them the new number and when it would be effective.
Got an e-mail from my cousin John, with an attachment about the Kelly house in Philly--where Grace grew up. My father worked his way through Villanova delivering milk (from his father's farm in Roxborough) and the Kellys were regular customers. I put this fascinating info on Facebook.
Filled out Halloween cards to the family kiddies, two of them in the U.S., three across the sea. Ditto some things I picked up in New Mexico, which I sent to Mr. K. in the Land of the Rising Sun, along with a note his Dad can read him. Took all to the P.O.; in fact, I took two trips.
Called Bob S., who turned off the outside water at the house. He called back and said I owe him twenty-five bucks, which I'll send shortly. I don't know why he doesn't raise his rate, which has been the same the last ten years or so. If he charged fifty--which I would happily pay--that would still be fifteen less than the lawn service, Meticulous, charges. Bob remarked that he turned 81 two days ago; he'll send me a bill for tax purposes. It's nice to have people I know and trust doing work at my house.
Went to the mall. I'm thinking of getting an umbrella for my patio, but am in no hurry--want a bargain. Looked at Sears, which had nothing, then got waylaid at a area rug display. Bought a small one in brown stripes made of some kind of hemp (or is that what you smoke?) or something and put it in the hall.
Later, I got two pretty "angel plants" that need only low light. I've had them before and they're hardy--I don't want anything that takes a lot of fussing.

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