Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lunch with Nancy

Walked, breakfasted, then vacumned, dusted, swept the patio, and generally got the place spiffy.
Showered, dressed, made up, and met Nancy at The Black Angus at 1:00 for lunch. I don't eat a lot of beef and ordered sirloin with teriyaki and other seasonings, plus roasted a lettuce wedge and roasted Brussels sprouts--delicious lunch and I took some of the sirloin home for dinner. lunch.
We had lots and lots to talk about, as ever, and she has some physical concerns, including her chronic low hemoglobin for which she gets infusions. After, we left her car there and I drove her to see my place. Nancy, who lives in a small, but beautifully reconfigured and decorated apartment at her son's house, likes my new digs a lot. She's the first of my friends I've actually shown it to after I put it together a bit (I have plenty more to do). Come to think of it, of my other friends, only Sailboat Sue has seen my last and current abodes and that was when I moved out and in.
Nance and I sat for more than an hour talking about our families and our husbands' deaths: Her Russ has been gone only since January of '15, my Pat for more than seven years. It's somehow comforting to share such things with a friend.
Drove her back to get her car, went home to change, and drove to Smart 'n' Final for my guilty pleasure: Moose Tracks ice cream. Came home and worked on my play--I have some knotty problems to figure out--then watched my hour of television. The "debates"? Of course not; if I want to see lousy theatre, I'll look it up on YouTube.

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