Thursday, October 06, 2016

BCNN and Other

It turned out to be an enjoyable day. Got to the BCNN breakfast early, but Sue was already there. I gave her the Alzheimer Support Groups info from both Suzanne and me, and she was very appreciative. Sue had talked to Carole and neither she nor Doris were coming. Sherry was, and showed up a bit later. As part of the social committee, Sue had made gingerbread and, of course, I had to sample it, although I don't care for sweet things in the morning. It was good, though.
The program was on breast cancer and I thought it would a bore, but it was actually interesting. The speaker was a Dr. Donald Decker, a very tall, good-looking guy, in his forties or fifties, I guess. He first gave us a little rundown on his past: He was born and brought up in the Simi Valley and had been a kid model and actor, with bit parts here and there before he went to med school. He had a power point presentation, mostly about a new technique called "tomo-something," which is a much better diagnostic tool for dense breasts than regular mammograms. Anyway, he was a good speaker and it went over well. After, the three of us went to lunch--always a welcome idea--and I suggested Paradise Pantry right down the street. We walked there and had excellent fresh salads and cheese plates. We had good talk, too.
I think I've unfairly maligned Sherry; yesterday, far from being boastful or self-absorbed, she was an attentive and courteous companion. I had complained about her to Sue, but after Sherry left (she had an appointment), I said I'd like to take back my assessment. We agreed that Sherry is good to be with in a trio or group, maybe not so much one-on-one.
Went home and changed, then did a couple of household chores. Went to the bank to complain that they're charging me a $5.00 a month fee because for one of my accounts (I have several there). I was told I had to keep over a certain amount in to avoid the fee. Highway robbers! Since the money's just been sitting there--or rather has been absorbed into BOA's ever voracious maw--they don't have to do anything to service the account, so what's up with that? Oh, well, I'll either close that one out or just have some put in automatically, which will kill the charge.
I'm working on a new play, which has me pretty excited. Haven't put much on paper yet, but am working it out in my mind. I think the concept and theme are exciting.
J.C. from Communication "Services" is due in this morning to check my router and phone.

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