Monday, October 24, 2016

Lunch and DQ*

Had a nice, low key day. I walked Kimball, then followed my usual pleasant Sunday morning routine.
After some minor housework, I prepared the check for Bob S. for blowing out my system (heh, heh). Made a few notes on various chores for today.
El called, we chatted, then made a date for lunch. Met at The Black Angus, but found they don't serve lunch on Sundays, only dinner. Well, we didn't want dinner, so we left and went to Mimi's. It was okay, although the service was a little sketchy. I ordered a Stella Artois and what was listed as a "West Coast Reuben." According to the menu, it's hand-carved, slow-roasted turkey and thick-cut ham on grilled rye bread with Swiss, shredded cabbage and Thousand Island dressing. I didn't notice it was supposed to have ham on it until I looked it up later, and mine didn't. It tasted nothing like a Reuben, but was pretty good, so no prob. El first ordered a Cobb salad, but was told they had no avocado; good grief, this is California, avocados practically grow wild, but I guess the price went up or something. Anyway, she got an Asian salad instead. I had forgotten I'm going to Mimi's today for that insurance presentation, but that's okay.
We parted after, as El had shopping to do. I went to her place to get more of my stuff out of her garage--mostly my Dionne Quintuplet collection, which is huge. I also, with her permission, took my suitcases over to store them there. I want to work out a way to keep the DQ collection at my place, so I can organize it better. I was able to get all the boxes in my truck, now must figure a way to have them here in some kind of order.
Got home and wonder of wonders, consolidated some things, so now I have not one, but two empty, three-drawer chests. They're not very attractive, but since I was able to put them in the closet, I don't care. Think I'll see how much of my DQ stuff will fit in there.
* Ha, ha, you thought Dairy Queen, didn't you?


iloveac said...

Yes, I did think Dairy Queen. I've done the same with chests in the closet. It's as good as built-ins, and you can get rid of them when you want. one sees them.

Mimi said...

That last is the best!