Friday, October 28, 2016


Happily walked Kimball.
Well, Bob didn't come yesterday to check the phone line, so I still have only the cell. However, I'm not major upset over it. Went to WinCo for stuff I need and stuff I want. It's gotten considerably cooler and late in the day, even quite windy.
Had several sessions working on my play and I think it's shaping up well. Tried to put up the rack for small items at the bath sink, but one if the two screw-type suction cups doesn't seem to adhere. Will return it today and I hope they have another, as it's just what I need. Transferred two small chests from the hall closet to bedroom one; I want to use the first space for a filing cabinet.
Sherry A. called and we had a long, long conversation, mostly about health insurance. She has major problems--notably constant pain from a disc problem and other things. She had been bitten by a brown recluse spider several years ago and she said it wasn't properly treated, so she has lingering bad effects. Also, she has diabetes, although she isn't overweight, as well as neuropathy in her feet, plus other maladies. Anyway, I'll see her at the BCNN breakfast on Wednesday. I e-mailed Nancy about BCCC and she'd like to go as a guest.
Tired of waiting for Bob, I got in the car about 5:30, intending to stop at Goodwill or something. On my way, El called; she'll come over sometime on the weekend to help me get the copier and chest back. Changed my mind about stopping and just drove out a bit and back. I like to drive around here because I never tire of the majestic scenery.

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