Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Wins, Losses, and AT & T

Talk about winning some and losing some: I walked Kimball, which was good and finally, at long last, got my Dionne Quintuplet collection out of the trunk and into chests in the closet. This took several hours, especially gathering up, flattening, and otherwise getting rid of the cardboard boxes (I had sent all to Ellen in eight or ten boxes), but I got it done. It all fits and I even have room left over! Wow!
I also came across, in a box of its own, artifacts such as: my wedding dress, veil, garter, and dried-up bouquet, plus the decoration on the wedding cake and a number of cards; my First Communion veil; cards, pictures, and a disc from our fiftieth anniversary; the guest book, cards, and other items from Pat's funeral. I put these together in a plastic container and stowed that in a corner of the closet.
Another win: My mortgage is going down by more than a hundred a month--yay!--plus I was sent a check for an over-run or something in escrow. As I often say, there's nothing like money to make people happy (cynic Mimi!).
Betty called and we had a nice talk. Went to Wal-Mart for plastic wrap and a few other things. The foregoing were wins, but for otherwise, read on:
My persecution by AT & T continues: When I got back from my walk, manager Patti met me at the car. She said two men from "Affordable Phones" or something were checking my jacks, which was okay. They were nice enough and were here for almost an hour. Finally, Patti came back to tell me there was no problem on the apartment's end, that the AT & T line was at fault.
To recap: This is more or less what I was told last week--several times--and the technician didn't come. On Thursday, I was told he'd come the next day, on Friday, by 6:00, but I was then told "somebody" had called in sick. It's hard to believe, as I screamed at one of the many AT & T-ers I talked to, that the damn company only has one technician. Don't they have any backups?
Back to yesterday morning: Patti called AT& T and was assured the tech would be here by 6:00. By 5:45, he wasn't and I called AT & T again; was told I couldn't really report he didn't come because it wasn't 6:00 yet. Called back at 6:10 to tell them the phone was still off.
At this point, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Got to a person who said she'd "accelerate this" by referring it to a supervisor, who would call me by 7:00. About quarter of, he did--"Charles"--and said he's have somebody out there today. This is what I've been told over and over, and I have a hair appointment at noon, then a doctor's appointment at 3:15. I was assured I didn't have to be here, but at this point, I wouldn't believe them if they said Hillary is a murderous thug.

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