Saturday, November 05, 2016


Well, talk about your roller coaster day...
Went to T.O.P.S. and got the good news that I had lost. Stayed for the meeting, so didn't have breakfast until almost 10:00, only an hour and a half before I was to meet Gabrielle for lunch. Oh, well, I had my usual anyway.
Got to Two Trees Cafe a bit early--about 11:20--yet it was still jammed. I can never figure out if that's because it's particularly good, or because there aren't many--or any--other restaurants in the near vicinity.
Gabrielle got there shortly thereafter and we were seated quickly, but it took an age for the server to get to us. No matter; I had a Cobb salad, which was very good and a citrusy-type beer (on tap) that was a lot like Blue Moon. What's weird is that they have a choice of a 16-ounce glass--too much for me--or a 5-ounce. Ordered the latter and got it in juice glass--seriously. Why they don't have something in between is beyond me, but I ordered two, which made a ten-ounce beer and was okay.
Took Gabrielle back to see my place and she oohed and aahed in appreciation. After showing her around, I invited her to sit and chat on the patio for a bit, which we did. She accepted my invitation to see Love Letters tomorrow and we'll enjoy it. Took her back to her car, then sat down at this computer to find--no Internet.
But why, why, why? I think I accidentally loosened a connection or something; in any event, I did this, that, and the other to no avail. Finally gave up and rushed to the library to get on-line and see my e-mail and stuff.
It was almost 3:30 when I left, so I stopped at The Townhomes for the wine and music thing. Sherry came in, then Doris, and we enjoyed the afternoon. Saw Joe La R. after and chatted with him. I was in a much better mood when I left and was determined to tackle the connection problem again.
Lo and behold, when I clicked it again, the thing worked. I'm not even going to delve into why, I'm just glad it did.

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