Friday, November 25, 2016


Didn't walk, although I could have. I got up at what's now my usual: 5:15. Thought I'd put the ingredients together for the pie crust, but hey, guess what? I didn't have any flour. Went to Vons on the next block and got some.
Combined the ingredients for the crust, then put it in the fridge, as instructed. Did a few household chores, then got the dough out and rolled in; put it in the pie pan, combined the pumpkin filling ingredients (luckily, my cinnamon, ginger, and cloves were all still potent), poured it in, and put in the oven. Roughly an hour later, I took it out and boy, did it smell good.
Left it cooling on the rack while I showered and washed my hair, then dressed and assembled all the pie, whipping cream, vanilla, and so on, and high-tailed it to Els's, arriving about 2:00.
Greg had thought it was better not to expose his mother to Ellen's cold, so went from work to Santa Barbara. He called to check in while El and I polished off a bottle of pinot grigio--the good stuff and boy, what a difference from the cheap stuff!--and discussed politics, extra-terrestrials, and so on. It's so much fun, and so absorbing, to talk to her not as mother and daughter, but as two friends do.
Anyway, the turkey and sides were delicious and I got plenty to take home. Left about 6:00 after a fairly quiet, but so enjoyable Thanksgiving. Yes, I have plenty to be thankful for.


Ellen said...

Greg just finished off the pie that you left (and I had another piece earlier). We both thought it was excellent!

Mimi said...

Glad you enjoyed it, dear!