Saturday, November 19, 2016

T.O.P.S. and Other Stuff

Got up at 6:00, but didn't walk because I had to assemble the deviled eggs for the T.O.P.S. covered dish. I stuffed them with Greek yogurt combined with some of the yolks, plus various additions, such as salsa, guacamole, and tapenade. Arranged them on lettuce leaves on two square, segmented trays I have and took off.
I didn't think I could eat much that early, but the spread was so delish, I managed. Entrees included corn casserole, tiny quiches, lettuce rollups, sliced turkey, various greens, and much more. There were also dessert dishes, such as cranberry fluff pudding, pumpkin mousse, mixed fruit, and so on. Was it low-cal? Well, they were supposed to me and mine was, but I'm not sure about a lot of the others. Anyway, we had a good, convivial time.
Left about 10 and pulled in to have Patti Manager come up to tell me my filing cabinet had some. I had told them not to come until after 12:00, but they ignored that--just as well. Patti sent maintenance person Javier over and he was kind enough to remove the cabinet from the packing crate, take it inside, and even put it in the closet where I wanted it. I tried to give him something, but he refused to take it. What a nice guy.
Anyway, it was a bitch trying to get the handles on. Little tiny screws held them on and it was just impossible to get them in, partly because I didn't have a Phillips screwdriver. Went over to Wal-Mart to get that, plus hanging file folders and a few other things. Also took my BP, which is still low--108/73. Not sure why.
I spent several hours digging out papers, labelling the files, and putting them away. I am just delighted with it and will probably use only the top two drawers for paper. That way, I hope to put much of my memorabilia in the bottom two--yay!
I finished up about 3:30 and was about to go to the library when Mike called on Skype. Adorable Violet was there, plus Snickerdoodle and Malibu, the kitties. It was 7:30 am there and Paula was still sleeping; the nanny/maid was bustling around. Vivian was at a swim meet, but wasn't scheduled until later, when Mike would go. That night, he and Violet were going to a "sock hop" for daddies and daughters that her Girl Scout troop was having. We had a nice virtual visit and I'm looking forward to seeing them next month.
I changed all the ink in my printer and now it won't work and comes up with an error message. Tried all kinds of things and it still doesn't work. Darn! I appealed to Facebook friends and hope somebody comes up with a solution.


iloveac said...

You're B/P is good. I assume you aren't getting light headed when you get out of bed don't worry about it. If it was dropping lower all the time.....check with your primary. As long as it's're fine.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat; I greatly appreciate your input. I do have an appointment with the doc on the 28th, so will mention it to her, too.