Thursday, November 17, 2016

Active and Varied

Again skipped my walk, but this time I had an excuse: I was due at the Council for Seniors meeting at 9:30. Had breakfast first and got there a little early.
I was surprised to be asked (by chair Suze Montgomery) if I would take over the vice president's spot, as John (Somebody) has had to resign for health reasons. I agreed and will take office in January. My friends Doris and Sherry were there and we sat together.
The meeting was pretty good, as it included new info from the county government. Program was by a young woman from Caregivers; she was recruiting volunteers to visit the elderly, and so on. One of these days, I may volunteer, but not quite yet. I remember niece Carolyn had invited me to an open house Caregivers had given last December. Carolyn is a grant writer, who does work for them and the other woman at the meeting said she knows her.
After, I chatted a lot with a new member who's in "the arts"--I think he teaches children. Also met and talked to Suze'es husband ("John?"), who is in the Ojai acting company and is quite a talker. And egomaniac, I'm afraid.
I went directly from there to the movie theatre where I met Nancy for the 12 noon showing of Sully. Considering my fear of flying, I wasn't sure that was a good idea, but actually, I loved it. Tom Hanks was his usual excellent self and I was impressed by the concept and the writing of the movie. Those components of a movie are often overlooked by the audience, but this was superb in both areas.
We got out at 2:00 and we went right over to the Black Angus. Got teriyaki sirloin and a 16-ounce Shock Top (next best to Blue Moon), plus sides. Had a fine time talking and talking; Nancy and I are now very comfortable with each other and I consider her a good friend.
Didn't get home until close to 4:00 and, as usual, was dismayed that the sun was already waning. Ran out to try to get printer ink--went to Wal-Mart, but they didn't have what I want--I'll have to go to Office Max or somewhere today.
Speaking of Office Max/Office Depot, they've now made my Worst Companies To Deal With In The Universe List. Went online to order a filing cabinet and was pleased to see there was a $25 off coupon. Hey, great the cabinet would now cost $125 and change, instead of $150. Filled out all my info, got to the "place your order" page and could find no way to apply the coupon. I called the number and was on the phone for a good half-hour trying to straighten it out. There's no sense in recording details, except to say I think I finally got it straightened out and the cabinet should be delivered tomorrow.
I was delighted to get a call from my dear friend, Aline B., just before 9:00 last night (her time: midnight!). We had a fine talk for about an hour and caught up with each other's goings and doings. Aline is an opera devotee and introduced me to it, in fact. She travels to Manhattan about twice a month, as she did last weekend. It was great hearing from her.

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