Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Here And There

Bad Mimi didn't walk yesterday. Well, I walked, but not the circumference of Kimball. My mammogram appointment was at 10:30 and I got up a little late and by the time I...
All right, I just didn't feel like it. Went to my appointment, then to WinCo for romaine and tomatoes; made a big salad and had some for lunch. Went to Wal-Mart to see if I could find a drapery rod thin enough to fit under the valence of the verticals in the bedroom. Couldn't, so I'll have to re-think my idea to darken the room.
I thought about putting the two-drawer filing cabinet--which is still in my back seat--on a table in the closet, but have now decided to take it back and get a four-drawer. I looked online and found one I think I'll get; it costs three times as much of the other, but it should be more satisfactory. Called El to tell her that. I hope I can get the larger one delivered free of charge.
Got a call from my niece, Carolyn, and we had a good talk. Also was called by Blue Shield of California and finally decided I'd let the rep come here. I'm not at all shore it'll be to my advantage to switch plans, but I might as well find out.

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