Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Didn't walk, darn it, because I was waiting for the phone guy. He got here about 8:30 and checked wires outside and in; even replaced some inside ones, although he didn't think that was the problem. Anyway, it's now working and I hope that situation prevails. Dave, the AT & T guy, was very nice; he gave me his card and said if any other problem arises, to call him direct.
Took my wash to the laundry room, put it in, then walked over to the office to suggest Ventura Del Sol give AT & T a gate opener. However, Jim and Patti said they weren't here often enough, so okay, no real problem.
I spent a fair amount of time on Facebook, sparring back and forth--mostly in the virtual arena of the mind--with those who are rabidly in favor of this or that sociopath running for office. Presidential elections have become Crazy Time For Crazies and I'm not going to participate.
Went to physical therapy and had a good, if strenuous, session with Tory, whom I like a lot. I'll be going twice a week; must make an appointment for later today.
Went to Michael's, where I found a nice frame for the picture of her great-grandmother I'll send to little Cora. The cashier said the twenty percent off coupon starts today, so I put it back, got a coupon, and will pick it up after the Council on Seniors meeting. Looked at Barnes & Nobles for another present I need to get. Didn't see anything, but will look elsewhere.

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