Monday, November 21, 2016

Standing With Standing Rock

I dressed warmly, drove to Kimball, and walked my walk. I was glad after.
Breakfasted, showered, then dressed again warmly, and made my way to the courthouse at the county complex. Got there a few minutes before noon, but there were already a number of people gathered. I hadn't make a sign, but a young woman was kind enough to tell me she had several and she gave me one of hers. It said, "Water is Life," and I held it the whole time I was there. I took it home and intend to put it in my window.
We lined the sidewalk where Telephone and Victoria Roads come together, the busiest corner in town. Most of us held signs and we were elated when passing cars--and there was very heavy traffic--blew their horns in solidarity. We flashed them the peace sign and yelled happily.
About 1:00, we gathered around a bricked circular area with memorials and flag poles and listened to an elder of the Apache tribe tell about the struggle against the pipeline. A young woman in native American costume moved around the circle with a stone bowl containing something burning with sacred smoke. We all gestured to bring the smoke toward us. Six Indians from different tribes, dressed in beautiful traditional garments and headdresses, did several energetic native dances, accompanied by a drummer. I was amazed to see that one dancer was surely my age or older--a man, very small and thin--and he danced as vigorously as the others. After, we went back to the sidewalk to wave our signs. We cleared a space for some of the dancers, so those in cars could see them. It was so gratifying to hear the many horns signaling us.
My Facebook friend, Jake Donaldson and I had planned to meet there and we did. He's very good-looking: fairly tall, slender, with heavy dark hair. I was surprised to see how young he looks, considering he's been in practice (family physician) for seven years. We had a good talk, then separated and moved around the crowd. My legs were starting to bother me a lot, as I had been on my feet for two and a half hours. Jake and I found each other again and I told him I was leaving (the demonstration was scheduled for noon to 4:00, but I couldn't last that long without sitting down). We said goodbye and I went off.
Stopped at Wal-Mart to buy a pie pan and rolling pin, then went home and gratefully put my slippers on. Thawed some frozen shrimp for dinner and had just that, plus grapes.
A fine day, and I'm glad I stood with Standing Rock.

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