Sunday, November 06, 2016


Walked Kimball.
After breakfast, I tackled some of the last big box of memorabilia I had gotten from Ellen's garage. Went through about half, which was an accomplishment. However, I haven't yet put the pictures and so on in any kind of order. The deed to my Uncle John for the cemetery plot in Holy Sepulchre, dated 1922, might be next to a picture of Joel at two months, along with my wedding announcement in the Atlantic City Press, and Pat's sixty-year-old Florida drivers license. Organizing will come next; at this point, I just want to get them in smaller groups.
Came across a studio portrait of my big sister, Gene (Jean), at the age of three months, so that would have been 1924. Now here's where it gets interesting: Not ten minutes later, the phone rang and it was my niece, Joan, Gene's only daughter (she had five boys), to chat about her brand new first and only, granddaughter, little Cora, who is five days old. Eureka! I didn't tell Joan, but I intend to send the picture (the original and, as far as I know, the only one) as a baby gift to Cora, so she can see her great grandmother, gone these many years. Must get an appropriate frame, too.
Called Sandy S., at Ventura Marina Park clubhouse, to tell her Gabrielle and I would be going to Love Letters there today. She said I could pick up our tickets at her place, right near the entrance. Took a dry run there and it's easy to find.
Gabrielle called to suggest we drive together, which makes sense, so she'll pick me up at 1:15. Went to WinCo and as I was driving back into the complex, I saw a dog. It wasn't wearing a leash and a noticed a young man with it. I asked if he lives here and found he's one of the two residents allowed dogs. We introduced each other; he's Cory and his bow-wow is Dodger.
I also ran into a woman with two pre-teen girls, who were coming back from the pool. I said hello and we also introduced each other. I know the one girl--Claire--lives upstairs with her family, because she's black. Her parents have slight accents, so are probably from another country. Nice family. The other girl and her mother are white and introduced themselves. One of them is Heather, but I can't remember which or the other's name.


iloveac said...

Love the idea to send the photo to your niece twice removed. Did I get that right? At any rate, I'm sure it'll be a treasure.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat. Yes, Cora is my great-great-niece, so twice removed is correct. Now I want to find the right frame to send it.