Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Lunch And The Phone Company From Hell

Walked Kimball, then found that--uh, oh--I actually do have more memorabilia in my trunk. I brought it in, but haven't sorted it yet.
Met the other Soaring Spirits at Marie Callender's. Sweet Vera was there, of course, plus Nancy, Carolyn, and Joyce, all of whom I like a lot. About ten others came in, including Chuck, his dog, and Pam. Pam is a substitute teacher and said she had a terrible time because she subbed a seventh-grade class which was studying anatomy. She said they asked embarrassing questions, especially the boys--but of course, that's the stock in trade for seventh-grade boys. Unfortunately, Pam is entirely without the slightest hint of a sense of humor, so I can imagine her reaction. Anyhoo, I had Santa Fe Shrimp Salad, very good and very large--I took half home--and some good conversation.
Went from there to P.O.W. physical therapy and made an appointment for this afternoon. Zipped over to Rolling Oaks Radiology and made a mammogram appointment for next Tuesday. I seemed to be on a roll, so stopped at Quest to see if I could get a 7:00 blood test appointment instead of the 8:00 I already have for Thursday. Nope, nothing open, so I'll just keep the later one.
Now, darned if AT & T isn't again picking up the campaign to ruin my life! Phone rang last evening; it was Gabrielle apologizing for being grouchy on Sunday, but actually, I didn't think she was and told her so. After a few sentences, the phone went dead. I called her back on the cell and we talked. After, I tried to call the cell on the regular phone and it didn't go through. Tried again and it went to somebody else's number! Called the Company From Hell That's About to Buy Time-Warner And Can't Even Keep Its Own Numbers Straight and repair person will be here this morning, I was told. AAgh!

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