Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sailboat Sue

A varied day. I walked Kimball, had breakfast, changed the bedclothes, did the washy-dry-ie thing, then sat down for lunch.
After, went to the library to pick up Huxley's Brave New World and some essays about him. Stopped at Target to get the filing cabinet I was planning to buy. I remembered it was upstairs in the office supplies section and went to the escalator, but--
--there was no escalator because I was in the wrong Target. I had driven right past the mall and to the other Target on Main Street! Darn. Drove back and got the filing cabinet. One of the employees put it in the back seat and, as we had decided, I called El and left a message so she could get it into my apartment (it's only a two-drawer, but is pretty heavy). I had hardly hung up when my friend, Sue, called to say she had been the hospital since Saturday, but had been released and she had no way to get home. Her husband, Mac, couldn't pick her up because he was sick (besides, he's in the early stages of Alzheimers). Of course, I told her I'd be glad to get her and left immediately for Community Memorial.
What a hassle trying to park, but I finally got a valet in the garage and went up to her room. They hadn't gotten her papers together yet, so we sat and talked for a half hour or so. She had had some internal problems--to be delicate about it--including bleeding, but it seems not to have been diagnosed as anything in particular. We went down to the lobby to find my car parked right out front--great, but where were the keys? No prob, the front desk had them and we took off.
Sue lives in Oxnard, right next to Ventura and we got to her boat slip with no problem. Mac came out; I've never seen anyone who looks more like Santa Claus with his snow white hair and long white beard, except that Mac is slender. Said goodbye and off I went.
When I parked in my spot, my upstairs neighbor came in. We introduced each other--his name is Bernard and he's from Kenya. I told him I had met his wife and two little girls the other day, and was surprised when he told me they lived a few streets away. Presumably, he and Lillian are separated or divorced. Anyway, it was nice to meet more of my neighbors.
It turns out that Brave New World is just as boring as I remember it, I'm afraid, and I'll be skipping around in it. What a contrast to my new fav, Bill Bryson, whose Shakespeare/The World as Stage was enthralling, as all his books are. I just finished it and took back.
Nancy responded to my suggestion that we see Sully today, saying she couldn't, but how did tomorrow look? Looks fine and we'll go to the noon showing, then have a late lunch.

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