Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Filing and Dinner

I walked Kimball; it was a little cool, but I wore slacks and it was pleasant.
I decided to change my health insurance to Blue Shield of California and called rep Joanne to tell her. She said she had an appointment that should be over by 11:00 and she could come after. I agreed that was fine. However, I waited and waited. Finally got a call from the company to say Joanne had been in an accident and was in the hospital. I was so sorry to hear that, although I was told she was recovering. Person said someone named Nicolette (I keep thinking her name is Nicorette) could come at 2:00. I said fine, put it on my calendar, but no sooner hung us then I realized I had written it for tomorrow (Wednesday), but couldn't be sure if she said that or today. Tried to call back and, incredibly, kept getting a busy signal. Oh, well, will try again shortly.
Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got a spring curtain rod; not sure it will fit over the verticals in my bedroom, but I'll try.
Other than that, I spent several hours continuing my organizing chore for the filing cabinet. Now, I'm going through the multitude of pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, and so on to try to get them in shape to file. Sometimes, I wish I had been left on a doorstep.
Showered and changed for the monthly widder dinner. There were only seven of us there, but that made for a good, convivial group. Before others got there, Donna asked Carolyn and me for our e-mail addresses, as she's going to invite us to a Christmas party. Great, and I'll go. I ordered stroganoff, but took most home and will have it for lunch. I volunteered to make up a membership info on Word, since it doesn't make sense for each of us to write all our information on a sheet every time we meet.
Have a p.t. appointment at 8:00 today.

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