Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Finally A Phone!

I have a working landline phone--yay!
Walked Kimball and as I got out of the car, my cell rang; AT & T guy was at my door. I had been told the night before by the AT & T "supervisor" Charles, that I didn't need to be home, as the tech wouldn't come in. Another bald-faced lie.
Anyway, this guy, Rob, was very nice. He worked inside and out and got the phone operational. I bent his ear about my travail with this company from hell and asked who his supervisor was. He assured me it wasn't the super's fault. I said I understood that, but I wanted to start with him because I want to know how this happened. I don't want an apology which, as John Nance Gardner said about the vice presidency, isn't worth a bucket of warm spit. I always thought that was a revolting phrase, but it seems to fit this situatin, damnit.
Anyway, I'll be courteous when I call Phil, but I want answers as to why, when I was told my phone would be connected on Monday, October 24th, it didn't happen until November first, eight days later.
Rob left, I had breakfast, then jumped in the shower. Kept my noon appointment at Penney's Hair Salon for color and Amanda did a nice job. It's not as light as before, which I prefer, and really looks good.
Lunched, then changed for my doctor appointment. Dr. J. gave me a RX for PT and a mammo, plus a flu shot. I like her better than I had; still wonder why she wears high boots all the time--is she a dominatrix or what?
Called Carole and Doris when I got home to tell them the Finally A Phone Facts. I'll see the latter today at the BCNN meeting, but Carole has been sick with a flu-like illness for weeks, so won't go.
Called El about the phone after dinner. Gabrielle called--on the landline!--later and we made a date for lunch on Friday. What a pleasure to talk on a real phone, especially as I'm not paying for it minute by minute, as with the Tracfone.

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