Saturday, November 26, 2016

Memorabilia and Other

Well, I didn't even attempt to walk yesterday, it was so chilly. If I was back in Jersey, of course I would have stopped for Susan and gone, but I had warm outerwear then and I don't now. It was cool enough so I had the heat on overnight and for most of the day. It actually started to rain in the afternoon; that's so infrequent here, it almost seems a crime against nature.
However, I had plenty to do with the continuing forever job of getting pictures and other memorabilia in order. I'm now not at all sure I can fit it all in the two filing cabinet drawers I had reserved for them, but I have an alternate plan for the spillover.
I took a break long enough to go to Smart 'n' Final and get oranges and other produce. Once home, I seeded, sliced, and roasted the two delicato squash (squashes?) I bought at Trader Joe's. Also cut up a big onion, sauteed it with sliced mushrooms and garlic in coconut oil, and put the result in the freezer. I have some ground beef in there, too, so next week, will combine them and cook it up for dinner.
Betty called and told me more about her trip to Cuba sixty years ago. Fascinating and the pictures Wes put on Facebook are wonderfully historic.
El called; she wasn't able to get here yesterday, but asked me to call her after Sherry and I see Breakfast at Tiffany's. She'll come over after to hang some pictures and help me move my new chest.

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