Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Weather and Ornaments

Went to Kimball, but again was driven back by weather conditions.
Ha! You'd think it was a blizzard or something here in southern California, but it was just chilly and very windy. I walked a bit up the path to the clubhouse, but just looked around and didn't stay.
I was determined not to be a Black Friday shopper, but stopped on the way home at Wal-Mart (it was before 8:00, so not crowded) to pick up a birthday card for Mike*. Happened to see a light jacket, liked it, and bought that, too.
Had breakfast, then wrapped Mike's gift and took it to the P.O. Later, I drove into town and stopped at a thrift store I often check out. I don't usually find anything I want, but yesterday, I came across a light chest of drawers, which will be perfect to put my printer on. Cost? $8.99. Also picked up a few small Christmas decorations, including an ornament for our widder group exchange, a ceramic cat entangled in Christmas lights. When I got home, I composed and typed out a little poem to go with the ornament.
I had meant to save for dinner the turkey and sides El had sent home with me, but couldn't resist them for lunch. Yummy. Spent time taking copy paper and other computer-related items out of the grey plastic drawers and into the new chest. El should be here today, I hope, and will help me get the stuff transferred over. Slowly, slowly, slowly, my snug little apartment is shaping up.
*Mike, my youngest, is turning 50 on December 5. How in the world did that happen?

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