Thursday, November 03, 2016


Didn't walk, as I had told Nancy I'd meet her at 9:15 at the BCCC meeting. Sue was already there; she had brought the table decorations, including a large cornucopia filled with fall leaves. Doris, Nancy, Sherry and her friend sat with us--a nice group.
The program was just spectacular. It was a woman named "Tatiana," a singer and dancer, who put on one of the best shows I've seen in California. In costume, she sang all kinds of great songs, including Argentina, Memories, Impossible Dream, Music of the Night, Caberet, and others. She's a blonde, very tall and slender, and if she isn't over fifty, I'll eat my sneakers. Incredibly, she added some dance routines, kicking her leg straight up over her head, and finally, at the finale, did an actual split. Good golly, Miss Molly, this lady was FABULOUS!
We all loved it, the place was absolutely silent while she was singing; at the end, we all jumped to our feet and gave her a standing ovation. I was going to buy one of her DVD's, but Sherry beat me to it, and insisted on giving it to me as a gift. I took some of Tatiana's material and will see if Anne Howorth at The Townhomes, might be interested in booking her for the Friday wine and song.
After, Sue, Nancy, and I strolled down the street to the Paradise Pantry for lunch. Had a yummy mozzarella, tomato, and herb half-sandwich and a glass of Sofia beer, which the waitress assured me is similar to Blue Moon. It was, in fact, and I enjoyed it.
Got home and changed, then galvanize myself to re-order and assemble my Dionne stuff, as well as organize better the two closets in the hall--what a feeling of accomplishment that gave me. Ellen had lent me two plastic containers and I found I no longer needed them, so stowed them in my trunk (I tend to use it as a storage place).
Went to Smart 'n' Final, then impulsively called El to see if I could bring back the containers, plus get the last big one (with family memorabilia in it) out of her garage. Sure, although she wasn't home yet. I was still hauling the stuff into my car when she drove in. I stayed just a few minutes, as I had salmon in the car and she was going to wash her hair. Had the salmon for dinner, using the half lemon I had left over and it was good.
Today, I want to tidy up a bit more, as Gabrielle is coming over tomorrow to see my apartment.

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