Friday, November 11, 2016

Quest and Phone Calls

Ugh--I read this over later and realize there are a number of typos. I'm not going to bother to fix it, but will just mention that Andrea was a the park, not Quest.
woke again at 5:00, but knowing I could have coffee (black) before my 8:00 blood-letting, I was okay with. Did the computer stuff, then took off for Quest. Hardly had to wait and no prob, but then I was asked for a--well, a sample of one of my bodily fluids (I'm so coy I can hardly stand myself!) I hadn't realized I needed to provide one, so asked to take the vial with me.
I now consider myself a candidate for sainthood because, instead of going home and back again, I drove down Kimball to the park and did my walk. I then went back to Quest and was able to--uh, do what was needed. Andrea, from Community Hospital's Healthaware was there and took my pressure. I was surprised and a little alarmed that she remarked it was unusually low--96/70. I have the record of when she took it other days and it ranged from the one twenties and one thirties at the top to seventies, eighties, and nineties on the bottom.Af
After breakfast, I made a salad for lunch, then went to the library. Stopped at Wal-Mart to use their BP machine. The first number was up to 117--can't remember the second. I hope that's okay and will check it today again.
Got an e-mail from my dear friend, Marge, asking for my phone number. I sent it, then called her and we had a warm talk. She says she doesn't get out much, but she sounded strongly and a bit more cheery than she had. Margie will be 90 next month.
I then called another nonagenarian I love, my brother, Jim. Thanked him for the picture of us on the beach in 1937 and caught up with his and Therese's doings. Jim is just a few weeks younger than Marge.
Speaking of phone calls: My phone rang at 8:30 pm, which surprised me, as hardly anyone calls me that late. It was Jimmy Downes*, who--I thought--had sent me a PM on FB (these damn initials!) that I had "missed his call." After talking to him, I have the impression he didn't know that information would appear, but I guess all these things are connected or something. Anyway, we chatted for fifteen or so and that was okay.
I was pleased to get responses re my questioning of why people voted for Trump from Trish O'N. and her husband, Al. What they say may or may not be logical or consistent--neither are the reasons for voting for Clinton, as a rule--but I think it's important to know. I have sent the request to three other people whom I know voted for him, and hope they'll respond as well.
*Jim was my sister, Betty's, longtime boyfriend at HSHS and later. He graduated in '55, the year after us; lives in Texas.


iloveac said...

I saw where another HSHS grad died yesterday. Was Jim McGee in your class? ...He married Joan Sullivan's sister Mary Jane.....looks like they had 7 kids.

Mimi said...

No, Pat, I didn't know a Jim McGee. I remember Joan Sullivan, who I think, was class of '53, a year ahead of me.