Friday, November 18, 2016

Lots of Here and There

Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then dived into my extensive to do-list. That included calling A.T. & T. to trash them about sending me a bill for $105.70. Wouldn't you know, they charged me for service from October 21, when it supposed to be turned on, instead the actual date? Plus, they managed to overlook the day-long problem when I had no service. After a great deal of shouting (on my part) and oily apologies (from the rep), I was told they'd give me a "courtesy discount" for my inconvenience of $80, so I have to pay only $25. This is a lot less than it really should be, as the bill included installation and so on, but hey, I'll take it gladly. (BTW, this blog comes in handy not only for keeping track of one's health, but in situations like this. I recorded my phone problems, so was able to refer back easily.)
Called TD Auto, where I have my car loan. For some reason, although they have my correct address online, they sent me a bill with the old one. Straightened that out, but not without an inordinate amount of time on the phone.
Hard-boiled a dozen eggs in preparation for the T.O.P.S. covered dish this morning. I'll complete making the lower calorie devilled eggs before I leave. Made a few other calls, then jumped in the car to:
-take the two-drawer cabinet back to Target
-get Greek yogurt at WinCo for stuffing the eggs
-buy a desk calendar for 2017
-stop at the post office to see how much a certain gift will cost to send; not too bad
-get gas
-go to Staples for a full array of printer ink, which set me back--guess...
YES! $83, which is just about what I saved from A.T.& T. I think that's very funny.
Or maybe it's a sick joke.

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iloveac said...

I purchased printer ink at Staples ----I had no clue it was so expensive.