Sunday, November 20, 2016

Busy And Productive

Well, I tried.
To walk Kimball, that is. Got up at 5:45 and finished my usual by 7:00. I had noticed there was something odd about the weather, but it didn't fully register until I got out of the car at the park: It was chilly! It must have been 45 or cooler and there was a brisk wind. I got right back in and went home. I'm a wimp and now, I'm just not used to such weather. I actually turned the heat on when I got back. A few hours later, though, it warmed up nicely and I turned it off.
I was going to call Betty after breakfast, but she beat me to it and we had a good chat. Sherry called to say she'd like to go to the showing of Breakfast at Tiffany's next Sunday, with lunch. I re-sent the invitation to the rest of my friends, so maybe others will go, also.
Spent the rest of the morning completing my filing chores, sweeping and swiffering the floors, and generally straightening up. Joanne from Blue Shield of California, came about 2:00 and laid out the plan. I'm definitely going to switch. Yes, it's an HMO, so I have to use "their" doctors (it just happens that my primary is one of theirs, anyway), but I've never understood what the problem with that is. I don't want my doctor as a buddy, or a kindly father figure, or a surrogate son. Assuming a modicum of fellow feeling, any competent doctor is fine by me.
The big draw is, of course, financial. The premium for Blue Shield of California is $0 per year, as opposed to the $2131 I pay now. Yes, there are co-pays, but they're minimal: $5 and $10. Co-pay for hospital stays are high: $320 a day, for five days, but nothing thereafter. The rest of the information was agreeable and I'll go with it. I'll switch my automatic payments to my savings account and that's all to the good.
Called El to see if she could stop in and look at my printer. She did and did this and that, I did this and that, and happy day, it works.

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