Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Day

Wow, quite a day.
I woke up at 5:00, about an hour earlier than I like, but got up, did my morning routine, then walked Kimball. It was only about 8:00 when I got home, but I decided to skip breakfast. Showered, dressed, made up, and took off for the Council for Seniors meeting at the Adult Center, about a half-hour drive away.
Except we meet on the third, not the second Wednesday of the month--darn! However, I said hello to Beverly and Marie and went home. Ate late, then went to Michael's to get the frame for the picture I'm sending little great-great niece, Cora. Also got some scented pine cones, which I put in the bathroom and living room.
Got a copy of a picture from my brother, Jim. It's dated 1937 and shows my mom, dad, brothers, aunt, Betty and me on the Ventnor beach. My Aunt is there, too, along with two other kids I don't know. I'll call to thank him.
Spent a bunch of time--much too much--on Facebook to read my Clintonesque relatives bemoaning the result of the election. They always seem to give lip service to the idea of democracy and all that the-people-must-be-heard rhetoric, but if it comes out a way they don't like, they howl. Anyway, I directed this to them on my FB page:

Here's a challenge for the neo-libs: quit beating your bosom and search out, say, five people who voted for Trump. Ask them why, then listen to what they have to say. Important: MAKE NO COMMENT, whether orally, by facial expression, or even mentally; simply thank them for their time and input. I'm going to do this, starting today. We might learn something this way.

Followed it myself by e-mailing Judy and Roman K., former neighbors of mine, whom I know are committed Trump fans. I asked them respectfully if they would fill me in on their choice, making it clear that I don't vote in federal elections, so have no axe to grind.
Went to Target for wrapping paper and a card for the baby gift. When I walked back to my place, Suzanne was sitting outside reading and we had a good chat.
Wrote out the card, wrapped the gift, and will send it off to Brooklyn today.

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