Monday, November 07, 2016

Love Letters

Much as I hate the end of daylight saving time, I do like the fact that it got me up at 6:30, so walked Kimball early, as I prefer. Spent the rest of the morning finishing going through the memorabilia, so now it's in a kind of disorderly order in separate large envelopes, at least.
Lunched, showered, then met Gabrielle at the guest entrance and she drove to Ventura Marina Park (mobile home). This is a very nice, beautifully kept over 55 community right at the harbor. The homes are attractive and nicely landscaped, and would probably go for around 300 thou in Jersey. Here, they sell for $800,000 up and carry a hefty monthly maintenance fee.
Love Letters was very enjoyable. It was performed by Howard Leader and his wife, Nancy, both excellent. I introduced myself to Howard, who's going to be directing a play at the Elite Theatre in Oxnard shortly--I'll see if Sue wants to go. Asked if he'd put me on his newsletter list and he will.
LETCO, as I've mentioned before, had done Love Letters a few years ago, with Frank-Next-Door as Andy, one of the two characters. He was good, but this was better. I hope Gabrielle liked it. She said she did, but it was hard to tell, as she shifted around a lot and yawned a few times. She's an overwhelmingly negative person about--well, just about everything, I'm afraid. However, she has some good points and in small doses, is an okay companion.
Speaking of "letters," I came across a note from Sean Hardman, the grandson of my dear (long deceased) friend, Elaine. He was in Children's Hospital in Philly--he had a rare heart problem that killed him at 14, about thirty years ago--and I had given him a get-well gift. I'll send the note to his mother, with whom I'm still occasionally in touch.
Happily, I've resumed sleeping through the night.

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