Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Doctor and So On

Didn't walk because I had a 8:45 doctor's appointment. This was just to go over blood work, most of which is good, but darn it, Doc doesn't like my blood sugar level. I forgot to ask her what it is; if I'm not mistaken, 120 used to be the level that one was called diabetic, then it was lowered to 110. Anyway, I have to get another blood test, just for that, I understand. Also, I stopped taking vitamin D, but she said my D is down, also B12, so I should take those. What a drag. I hate going to doctors because they seem to always come up with one negative thing after another. However, I mentioned about when BP was low and she said it was no problem.
Breakfast, then went to take a jacket back--too small, I'm afraid--and to pick up salad dressing and paper products. I had taken part of a beef roast out of the freezer and put it in the fridge overnight. Now I rubbed it with garlic and put it in the crock pot. Pared and cut two red potatoes, chunked some onions, and combined the three with mushroom and onion soup. Made a big salad and had it for lunch.
Nancy e-mailed, asking me to call her, as she had mislaid my new number. I did and we had a long talk about the movies we both love and the stars we like--or did when they were alive and in their younger days (Audrey herself, Jack Nicholson, Natalie Wood, Cary Grant, and so on). Nancy owns B. at T.'s, plus lots of others, which she watches often on the DVD, sometimes for several hours. I don't have a player and don't want one; I can't imagine sitting inside watching movies in this glorious climate--or any other climate. Anyway, she asked if I could go to The Black Angus tomorrow, as they again have their sirloin (or some other steak) and lobster special. Sounds good and that's what we'll do.
I got some financial stuff in shape, including writing out a check for a co-pay for Primary Medical. Stopped at their office on the way into town and dropped it off, then proceeded on to the library.
As often happens, I got interested in Audrey Hepburn after the movie and picked up her bio. I'll read it--or part of it--before I lose interest, which could be any time. I'm still into the Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes) book written by his son, which is newly published; I find it absorbing--mildly absorbing, anyway.
Had the pot roast and sides for dinner and all was yummy.

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