Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Busy day. I skipped Kimball because my p.t. appointment was for 8:00 am. Got there and was really put through my paces. Tory (or Cory or Laurie--I just cannot remember her name) had me on "the reformer," which looks like a medieval torture machine. This, in various configurations of my body, is to strengthen my leg muscles. It was hard work, but I got a real sense of accomplishment after.
Home for breakfast, then I changed the bed clothes. A few days ago, I bought a new pillow and I put that on. I'm not sure I'm going to like it--I like flat, not puffy ones--but I'll try it.
Took two full loads to the laundry place and put them in. While they washed, then dried, I sorted some more of what seems to be my bottomless supply of family pictures and memorabilia. I had made some headway, then it was lunchtime, then time for the Blue Shield of California person to come. I met her at the visitors' entrance and we walked back.
I liked her a lot, as I did Joanne. Speaking of the latter, she was being discharged from the hospital yesterday. I had assumed she had had a car accident, but no, it was a freak accident at a home. She had told me she had a client before me and that's where she was when she fell down the second step of a sunken living room. Besides a sprained wrist, she suffered a serious concussion; in fact, she has some cognizant problems. For a time, she couldn't remember her name, the year, and other things. However, Nicolette said they were told she should recover before long. Let's hope.
I signed the papers, then walked Nicolette to her car. Because I can't stand to stay in all day, I jumped in the car and drove to the library. Had a pleasant time among the books, took two back and one out. Zipped into Five Points and got my little blue beauty washed.
El called after dinner to say she had a cold and we may or may not got to Greg's mother for Thanksgiving dinner. Whatever they decide is all right with me; I'll still make the pie.

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