Friday, November 04, 2016

Tidying Up

Walked Kimball.
I was busily busy all day tidying up. Changed the paper on the desk, dealt with the slew of mail (bills, etc.) on same, mopped the floor, cleaned both sinks, and generally made the place spiffy. On the KP front, I cut up lettuce and tomatoes for salad, added raisins, and had some for lunch; oiled and seasoned chicken thighs, and had them for dinner. (Well, I cooked them first.)
Used the WD 40 on the sliding glass door track and it broke--not the door, just the can of WD 40. Took it back and got another and that seems okay. Saw a metal filing cabinet in Wal-Mart and impulsively bought it. When I got it to the car, I was unable to remove it from the basket. I realize I could have gotten someone to help me, but then how would I get it to my apartment? It came to forty bucks and I've seen several about that price on-line and with free shipping. I took it right back into the store and got my money back. I'll look further.
I came across a flyer for Love Letters, which is being staged by a local group. LETCO had done this a few years ago--it's a good one, bitter-sweet, but enjoyable. In fact, my next-door neighbor, Frank D., played the male part (there are only two characters, a male and a female), and very well, too. I quickly sent an e-mail to five friends (that's all the friends I have in California, if you exclude relatives) to see if any or all want to go to the matinee on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I haven't slept as well as usual the last two nights. This happens every once in a while, but I should go back to normal soon, I hope.

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