Thursday, May 04, 2017

BCNN And Other

Went to the BCNN breakfast at 9:30. Carole saved me a seat, and we were with Doris and Sherry, too. I saw Terri, who's in my class. She's having a book signing on May 13 which I guess I'll have to go to unless I can squirm out of it. I already looked up her book on Amazon and it's just not my thing: very religious in a kind of simple-minded, fundamentalist style.
The speaker yesterday wasn't my thing, either. In a nutshell, her talk was on how having a good attitude will make you live longer. She tended to wave her hands around and most sentences had an implied !!!! after them, as if she were a fifteen-year-old girl describing her prom date. She cited all kinds of "studies" that support her hypothesis, but I'd like to see them myself. Guess I'm just an old cynic.
Good thing I had had breakfast, as this time, they had no fruit on the brunch table, only sweet, mostly store-bought, stuff. The president actually mentioned the lack, so I hope next time, somebody will provide it. Okay, I could sign up and do it myself, but I'm not going to.
Had a good chat with Carole, who likes the class, I'm happy to say. Also got a sweet e-mail from Sue (she had to take Mac to the VA to have his cataracts removed, so wasn't at the meeting). She also said she liked the class, so that was nice.
Went to Lowe's to get a metal dowel thing for my sliding glass door, so it can't be opened even if the lock is broken. However, it's too short, and I didn't see a longer one. I need a 43-inch; hope I can find it.
Went from there to the best thrift store in town and couldn't resist yet another little succulent. This one is in a pretty oriental container in blue and white. Hit the library after that and read for awhile.

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