Monday, May 22, 2017


After my usual Sunday morning, I went to WinCo to stock up on salad fixings, veggies, and a nice piece of rockfish. Got to know my new apple parer by performing on an apple. Yay--it works! Didn't have time to do more, but will today.
Got to El's at 1:00 and we spent several hours selecting and packing, interspersed with watching various house shows on T.V. Home again about 4:00 and I revised my e-mail to my A for A group. As I advised them, at tomorrow's session, we'll run through the entire show without stopping. I'll make notes, then I hope to add another meeting before the show on Friday.
Sent a separate message to the cast of Hell on Wheels. There are five, the largest group, and the little skit is in rhyming couplets. They all have a tendency to ignore punctuation and stop too abruptly at the end of a line. It needs to flow more smoothly, as it's supposed to be conversation, even if humorous.
Stir-fried ground turkey, onions, peppers, and garlic for dinner and it was good.

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