Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Widder Lunch

Finally got my class agenda, notes, and schedule in shape, after working several more hours on it. Went to the widder lunch and, as ever, greatly enjoyed it. A newcomer, Sharon, who lives in Thousand Oaks, had noted on MeetUp that she would attend and I was very much interested in meeting her. That's because she indicated she's also a member of the Humanist Society and I want to explore that. As it turned out, we hit it off right away. I sat next to her and we got to know each other; maybe she'll become a friend.
Speaking of friends, Nancy was there and I was delighted to see her. Her daughter is still visiting, but didn't come with her. Nancy mentioned that there's a house for sale across the street from her in Oakview. I looked it up later on Zillow, but it's really small. I saw another in that neighborhood and e-mailed it to Ellen, although she's probably already seen it.
Had my usual (when on my regimen) glass of Chardonnay and ate my tangerines with it. Dear Donna was there, as well as Carolyn, Gayle, and Vera, all of whom I like a lot. Oh, that's right, Chuck and Pam were, too. They'll be leaving for Arizona, where they're moving in "two weeks and three days," according to Chuck, one of the most humorless, deadly dull people I've ever met. He's tall, well built, and quite good-looking, but there seems nothing else there. Inside, that is.
Spent the rest of the day on various activities, such as grocery shopping and paying bills. Talk about dull! In two hours, I'll leave for SCAN to set up the room for "Acting for Amateurs" and start my theatre career on the west coast. I hope all goes well.

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