Friday, May 05, 2017

Some Meetings And Stuff

I had annoying exchanges with Bank of America, first on the phone, then in person at the Ventura branch. There's no point in elaborating except to note that, along with AT & T, they constitute the scum of the earth, corporate division.
Home, I pared, cored, and cut up apples for you-know-what, diced onions and green peppers for a stir-fry today, and sliced the pint of strawberries to have with the applesauce for my single snack time.
Got calls from Debra M. about our planning meeting for Ventura Council for Seniors (VCS) and the confusion that always seems to surround the things in which Suze is involved. I told her I wanted to defer to her for the "leadership role," which Suze had bestowed on me. However, I didn't get a chance to express that because this meeting was on an entirely different topic than we had thought. Luckily, it wasn't the regular one, so only Deb, Suze, Hans, Lori and I were present. We got some things hashed out, but I'm not sure to what purpose or where the damn thing is going.
I went directly from there to the Caregivers' volunteer recognition gathering at Foothills Christian High School. A number of the students there volunteer to help needy old folks under the auspices of Caregivers. It was okay, with veggie appetizers (I had a few carrot sticks) and a lovely big cake donated by Royal Bakery. I'll remember them forever, as the cake I picked up for Christmas the year before last cost fifty bucks. It was only one layer, too. I was pleased to see Tony from SCAN there and told him I'd like my class to meet in the big room. Also, we'll talk today after T.O.P.S. about the show.
Betty called while I was at the last affair and I called her back when I got home. By the time we hung up, it was after six, so I skipped the salmon I was going to cook and just had spaghetti squash. Ellen called. I'm going to the Cinco DeMayo celebration at her school tomorrow and she invited me to come for lunch first in the teachers' lounge, which I will. I'll take my own, though.

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