Thursday, May 18, 2017

Around Town

Got to the Ventura Council for Seniors meeting a bit after 9:00 and was pleasantly surprised to see Tony from SCAN there. He was with Jacqueline L., from the corporate office in Long Beach, whom I've met before. The meeting was the usual--long on Suze'es histrionics, short on anything interesting. The speaker was an audiologist, who explained being hard of hearing--a snooze fest, I'm afraid. I was able to talk to Suze about my desire to relinquish the "leadership role" for Senior Strategic Services and she agreed it would just be a committee four (including me, but without a head person).
Deb M. had to leave early, so I stopped in her office after lunch. Wow, it's quite a place. She owns a financial advising firm called "The (Blank) Group" and she has a spacious and nicely decorated layout. We talked for fifteen or so and both are satisfied the committee will just meander on and that's fine by us.
Went from there out to stores for this and that, then back home and organized a bit more for the upcoming show. I called Bob B., who's in T.O.P.S. and asked him to step into the Sam role in Hell on Wheels, since I needed another man and he's the only one I know around here. I was happy that he agreed; I e-mailed him a copy of the script and he'll be there for rehearsal on Tuesday.
Did a few things around the house, then went to the BCNN Happy Hour at the Wood Ranch about 4:30. About twenty women were there, I guess, including Terri, who's in my acting class, and others I've met before. I was taken aback to be told the "Happy Hour"--that is, reduced prices--pertained only to food, not drinks. Well, the hell with that: I ordered a Chardonnay and took out my Honey Belle tangerines. As it was, the hugely overpriced wine ranged from 8.75 up to 12:50 and more, which irritated me no end. I did get a glass, but ordered no food.
Actually, I had an enjoyable time chatting with Terri and a few others at my end of the table. Stayed a little more than an hour, then left, saying I had a dinner date. That was a fib--okay, I lied in my teeth--but I wasn't going to sit there and get sloshed. Cooked up my tuna steak--I just sear it and leave it raw inside--and settled in for the night.

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