Monday, May 15, 2017

Mummy Day

Got a welcome Mothers' Day call early on and opened the caller's present while we talked. It was a beautiful card and a gift card which I'll make good use of, naturally. Betty called, also, and we wished each other a good one.
As we had planned, I got to Ellen's at 1:00 and we went down to the harbor, as I had asked that, instead of going out for dinner, we could take a harbor cruise. We did that a few years ago and greatly enjoyed it. But at the boat launch, we found there was a huge crowd in front of us waiting to board, so we sensibly decided we'd do it another time. Instead, we took a long walk along the quay, then crossed over to the beach. Sat and talked for an hour or so, then left. Stopped at Ace Hardware to pick up some boxes for El's coming move, then went to her place.
She made us both Margarita--so good and I had more than I should have, maybe--and sat on the sunny patio. El gave me a lovely bunch of purple tulips, plus a 1988 calendar featuring the historic Dudley house, just the kind of thing I love. I opened my gift from the Tokyo Trio, a wonderful framed picture of the three of them, with little Mr. K. looking adorable in his school outfit. A charming handmade card was included, in the shape of a red teapot with a yellow butterfly on it. The front reads "Good May!" and the inside "May you have a happy Mother's Day!" Of course, I'll save this, as I do all the unique cards my daughter-in-law makes.
Mike called while we were there and El and I talked to him, at this point kind of, sorta, a little bit two sheets to the wind (have no idea of the origin of that expression, but I suspect it's a nautical reference). I thanked him for the rozaela plant and, most of all, for my granddaughters.
El then made a yummy salmon dinner, with mixed veggies and baked potatoes, plus rocky road ice cream for dessert. I remarked that it had been more than two months since I had tasted either of the last two, and boy, were they good. And yes, I'm prepared to take my lumps at T.O.P.S. on Friday.
Parted from my dear girl with many thanks, went home, and slept well.

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