Friday, May 19, 2017

Varied Day

Darn, I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. Over Tuesday and Wednesday, I woke up for the usual about 4:30, then couldn't get back to sleep. I'm constantly fretting over this show coming up--why didn't I make it for a later date?--and worrying how it will turn out. Gave up trying to go back and got up at 5:00. I always feel better after I have my coffee, but after that and the computer stuff I do, it seemed a long time until breakfast.
However, I revived and set off for the Pierpoint Hotel about 9:30. I had seen an ad that appraisers would be there and I took my coins and paper money. There were only two appraisers and there were about ten people ahead of me. That was no problem, though, as a woman took names at the door and there were chairs to sit on while waiting. Ice water and coffee were provided, too, so although I was there almost an hour, it was pleasant and I enjoyed it.
As I was approaching the entrance, I fell into conversation with a woman staying at the hotel. I was amused when she said she recognized my Jersey accent and she told me she was from Vineland, although she's lived in San Diego for years. We exchanged ages--she insisted she couldn't believe mine and asked me to guess hers. I thought she was probably in her late sixties and told her that, but nope; she was eighty in March. Anyway, it was enjoyable and I gave her my card and asked her to keep in touch.
It turned out I don't have any great treasures. The 1880 quarters are worth only about twenty bucks each, so I decided not to sell them. The appraiser--a really nice guy--and I laughed together about most of my coins--face value, only. There was a half dollar worth a dollar, I took it--whee! a dollar!--and left giggling.
Went from there to the library and got a few things. I'm in the middle of a new bio of Elvis, but I also picked up one of Stephen King's--not a new one--and a small book on Ventura. Stopped to get a binder for Bob's script and some veggies. Once home, I spent several more hours on a program for the show and a few other "Acting for Amateurs" chores.
Nancy had left a message, I called her back, and we made a date for today. We'll meet at Paradise Pantry, have a glass of wine, then shop on Main Street. El sent an e-mail saying her GIANT FANTASTIC MOVING SALE will be June 10. Great; I'll handle the classified because if you put it in the Ventura Star, they'll give you signs and stuff. I have plenty I want to sell, too, and it's such fun to do. Somehow, the idea of getting actual cash money for things I can't use anyway, just thrills me to death.

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