Thursday, May 25, 2017

More A for A

Busy as ever with A for A. I assembled the individual critiques for each member, which I had completed after I observed the first run-through. I'm not sure if I'm going to share them or not, but I might when we meet today for another semi-rehearsal.
Carolyn M. called to ask if we could go over her lines--she has the very shortest part of all, about six lines at the beginning of the "Tootie" sketch and three at the end. Unfortunately, her acting is pretty dismal; in fact, I'd say she's about the worst of the lot. However, she's anxious to do better, so I invited her to come today with the others who will re-rehearse, and I'll work with her.
Wrote out some cues for my welcome and my intro to each playlet. I still have to be sure the room is set up as I want it. Darn, I realized yesterday I had completely forgotten about dress. Usually, I would recommend that all wear black or dark pants and white tops--I simply didn't remember that this time, so shoot me.
Went to the dollar store and got two fancy wine glasses for the When Cooks Confer sketch. I know that's the one the audience will like most, as it's pretty funny.
Called my dear friend, Marge, in Little Egg. Incredibly, with all her problems, she's now broken her arm. I know bones don't heal well when you're over ninety and I feel so bad for her. She said she wishes I could visit and so do I. I'll try to arrange a trip to Jersey one of these days. I hope I can see her before I get that call from Fred I sadly anticipate. And dread.
I called Doris to see if she wanted my friend, Linda, to take her to the show. However, regardless of what our mutual friend, Carole, told me, Doris said she plans to drive herself, as it doesn't get dark until eight or after, anyway. Quite so.
Went to WinCo for salad fixings and later to the library just to get out for awhile. It's been chilly lately--I even had the heat on for a time--and I hope it gets warmer.

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