Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Class Two

The class went well yesterday, although two people didn't show. One had called SCAN to say she had broken her leg--I'd not so sure--and the other was Jana, surprisingly. Jana is in my T.O.P.S. group and she hadn't responded to the e-mail I sent to the class. Okay, I'll deal with it if she drops out. I announced about the show we'll do on May 26th and everybody seemed pleased about it. However, T.J. who plays the guitar and sings, may be out of town unless he gets a certain gig he wanted.
Boy, this is too bad. I wrote a song a few years back ("Why do you have to be Young?") and was going to incorporate him singing it into the show; in fact, I was going to write a little skit around it, easy enough to do. Well, we'll see.
I spent the first half of the class with the easel and asking for components of a play and of a performance. That went well, then I assigned playlet roles to those who hadn't had them last well: "The Potato Family," and "The Truth, the Embellished Truth, and Nothing Like the Truth." This time, I'd stop them to direct, i.e. to add more gestures, facial expressions, and so on. Most were fairly okay; interestingly, Char, who I think is older than I am, was really good. Carolyn was terrible and so was Larry. I'll be giving them small parts in the show, that's a cinch.
After, T.J. asked me to listen as he played and sang (mostly country), as he wants me to network for him. He's a good guy and I will, especially with Suze and the Council for Seniors crowd. In fact, I intend to bring info on our show to the VCS meeting next week. I showed Tony the flyer I had made up inviting people to the show and he approved it.
By the time I finished listening to T.J., it was almost 1:00. Went home to change and have lunch, then took off for Oxnard to try to straighten out the check thing at La Dolce Vita. Stopped at Whole Foods first, but Greg wasn't there--I forgot he's sometimes off on Tuesdays--then got to Heritage Square after--oh, about 35 minutes being lost. Manager Joe and a hostess were there and I showed them what Bank of America had paid. They couldn't understand it, either, as their receipt said the bill was eleven dollars less. They gave me a copy and I'll take it to BOA today.
Finally got around to pulling together the old Ventnor pictures that have Jack B. in them. He and my brother, Larry have been best friends for more than seventy years now; one of the pics shows them in their First Communion outfits, white ribbons with big bows on their arms. "O lost, and by the wind grieved/Ghost, come back again."

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