Sunday, May 07, 2017

Here And There

El had mentioned she and Greg had to be out of the house from 9 am to something, as it was being inspected. She said they might go to Peet's (coffee shop), so I dropped in there myself before I went to town. Found them and had twenty minutes or so of good talk before I left to attend the container gardening lecture.
This was in a flower shop called "The Secret Garden" near the library and about fifty people were there. I loved the talk, with demonstrations, of the owner/horticulturist, and learned some good things about container gardening, which is what I want to do. It took about an hour and a half; after, drove to the library. Picked up a CD on the Boston Marathon tragedy about the two brothers who committed it. This is actually called The Brothers and looks into some of the reasons they may have committed the act. This isn't an excuse for it, but it's important, I think, to try to understand what motivated them to do what they did, rather than simply condemning them as monsters.
Checking my bank account on-line, I saw that I was charged $27.80 for the iced tea and Chardonnay Suzanne and I had last week at La Dolce Vita in Oxnard. What? How could it be that much? I printed it out, then called, and the manager couldn't figure it out, either. He said his records say ten something. I'm going to take in the copy and try to get to the bottom of it.
Had a big salad with chicken for lunch, then went to Lowe's and bought a step stool. Salmon for dinner, along with spinach, and it was tasty. Continued to pull together some of the acting class stuff, which is about equal parts absorbing and a pain in the rear. It's essential, though, to prepare, and once the groundwork is laid, the class practically conducts itself.

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