Thursday, May 11, 2017

Non-Routine Day

The day started off routinely enough. I took wash to the laundry place, put it in to dry thirty minutes later, then spent the 45 minutes it would take paring and slicing apples.
I had bought of bag of fifteen apples and they happened to be rather small ones, so were a pain to prepare. I kept nicking my knuckle, but finally finished. I always pare directly into the sink so the garbage disposal can whisk it away. I stuffed the skin and cores in, put the cold water on, then pressed the switch--.
AAGH! An absolute geyser shot up from the other side of the double sink, with water, peelings, and seeds all spouting up about three feet! Tried again and the same thing happened. Called the office, Patti came over right away, she did the same, it did the same, and she said she'd have Javier come in. She also told me--courteously, as ever--that apple cores aren't supposed to go in the disposal. I didn't know that, but now I do.
I had several errands to run and when I came back Javier and Jim were here working on the damn thing. It looked as if the clog--my damn apple garbage--was farther in than could be reached, so long story short, a plumber was called and cleared it out, I thanked him profusely, gave him a tip, and that, I fervently hope, is the end of the story.
Then Ellen called with some great news, which I'm not at liberty to divulge, but will eventually. She picked me up and we drove over to Ojai,where we stayed for several hours and, if all goes well, will be an area of importance to her. We didn't leave until after 7:00, then she treated me to dinner and I ordered off a menu for the first time in months. Yummy, yum, I had skewers of shrimp and salmon, plus two glasses of Chardonnay, and enjoyed it so much. I'll probably have to pay the price tomorrow at T.O.P.S. by either gaining or (I hope) maintaining, but I'm reconciled to that.

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