Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I got over to SCAN by 9:30 and talked to Tony. I was pleased to hear that a large, black, kind of backdrop that was in the corner, can be moved so we can use it as our "stage."
I arranged nine chairs in the back of the room for my cast. When they came in, I asked them to put their scripts on the table. I want them to support their fellow actors and not be looking through through their scripts while others perform. I told them to laugh when appropriate and otherwise pay close attention and was gratified when they did.
As I told them we would, they ran through the whole show without stopping while I took notes on each of their performances. It actually came together better than I thought it would, although I still had to emphasize the importance of speaking more quickly, not dropping their voices at the end of sentences (a lot have a tendency to do that), and to project out to the audience without actually facing them. As for real "acting"--expressing the emotions behind the words--some are okay, some will never "get it."
Anyway, we ran through it a second time and it was marginally better. Several of us are going to meet tomorrow to go over their parts and that's fine by me. Now I have to write my welcome, introductions and windup.
Carole and Sue were going out to lunch after and asked me to join them, which I was pleased to do; first, I went home to get my tangerines. Met them, had a refreshing Chardonnay, and happily ate my citrus while they had calorie-laden lunches. I didn't get home until 3:00, at which time I had a salad and then--very unusually for me--fell asleep on the couch.
Got up refreshed and decided to go to Sprouts. Stepped out the door and found a note from Suzanne, saying she had taken a clipping from my rosemary tree and it isn't dead, after all, but will come back to life. I rang her bell to thank her and will now take care of it better.
Went to Sprouts and Barnes & Noble, then got home, relieved that the show is shaping up fairly well.

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