Saturday, May 13, 2017

T.O.P.S. And Time

Went to T.O.P.S. and found I had lost another 1.2 for a total of 17.4. It's slow, but steady, and that's all right with me.
Chatted with a few people after, including Bobbi R., who's also in BCNN with me. I was surprised to hear her eightieth is coming up next week; I thought she was a lot younger than I am, but no. Bobbi said she had had problems with her heart and has an artificial valve put in. Two of my three brothers have the same.
I talked so long in the parking lot that I didn't get home and start breakfast until 10:30. No prob, though, I held lunch off until 2:00. Went into town, parked, and walked around to a particular thrift store for a particular reason.
Some time ago, I saw in the window of this store a plate on sale for $25.00; it looked a lot like the ones I have at home. This are salad plates, very shallow, that my mother gave me. I actually took one to this store, then asked the very pleasant sales clerk to get the other out of the show case.'s hard to tell, but I think mine may be an imitation. Anyway, I took pictures of both, back and front, and someday when I get around it, will see if mine are worth anything.
Got a lovely rozalea plant--a cross between a rose and an azalea--from Mike, which I put on the patio. Got a package from Tokyo and a thick card from elsewhere and will open those tomorrow.
I've been posting on Facebook pictures of my mother when she was young, probably in her late teens. She was 36 when Betty and I were born, so it's impossible to even imagine what her ideas and ambitions and feelings were then. Time is a thief.

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