Saturday, May 13, 2017

Getting Up And Gymnasts

When I woke at 5:00 for the usual reason, I foolishly stayed up. That meant that by the time I finished my computer stuff, it was only about 7:00, but I was hungry. Had breakfast too early, then was hungry before 1:00.
However, I managed to overcome that by getting absorbed in putting my Christmas decorations in a different place. I had them on the shelf in my clothes closet--which extends almost the full length of the room--but I realized I had two cupboards over the closets in the hall. I had known they were there, but they're so high, I ignored them. With my new step stool, they became easily accessible.
Wow, this was a find! I had most of the stuf in a large out container that wouldn't fit in the spaces, so ran out to the store and bought some smaller ones. I was delighted to free up the space on the clothes closet shelf and transferred some decorative pillows there. I still have room, so will continue moving things around.
After lunch, I went to Bank of Books, a neat used book store in town because Terri S., who's in my acting class, was having a book signing. This was to promote her A Road to Barcelona,/i> which concerns her daughters' gymnastic careers. Went, bought it, and asked her to write a dedication to granddaughter, Vivian, who's also a gymnast. I'll read it first, then send to Viv.
Went a few other places for shrimp and cottage cheese.

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